About Our Process

Project Planning/Initial Meeting

Of course, we don’t expect you to hire us merely from a phone call or a visit to our Internet site. We want to get to know you, provide you with an opportunity to get to know us, and become familiar with your plans, budget, and desires with respect to your remodeling project before we get started remaking your home into what you want it to be. After you contact us through our website or by phone, Turning Point owner, Kevin Gustafson, will make an appointment to personally meet with you at your home to discuss these issues, along with a number of other important considerations. At this time, Kevin will measure the current layout and dimensions of the space for your intended remodel. Typically, within a week, a written proposal will be prepared for you – one that accurately defines the scope of work you have described and provides you with our best price to complete it.

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After you have decided to go with Turning Point, we will bring in an Interior Designer. Our company has designers with whom we work frequently, as well as an in-house basement designer. Of course, you are welcome to bring in your own interior designer, as long as they are happy to frequently consult with us and agree to work amicably and professionally with us to achieve your goals. As your chosen General Contractor, we have found that when we maintain a significant amount of oversight and control over every involved subcontractor working on our projects – and this includes designers as well – you, the homeowner, are best served.

Designer Work

The designer will work with you to draw out your own ideas and vision for the home remodeling project. He or she will make suggestions based upon the style and appearance you have in mind, and will suggest color schemes, materials, and floor plans to maximize the usefulness and attractiveness of the space. In the end, the designer will produce digital drawings and schematics to help you visualize the end product.

While much of the interior designer’s work is completed after the designs are finalized, sometimes plans change due to unforeseen circumstances. The interior designer will continue to be an important part of the remodeling team for the duration of the project, adapting plans and schematics as the situation may require.

Our Subcontractors and the Prebuild Conference

Turning Point Remodeling, like most residential construction companies, uses the best subcontractors to provide the highest quality work for each of its projects. Turning Point understands that for the project to begin and proceed on schedule, all of these contractors must work together and have a full understanding of the project’s scope.

For this reason, Turning Point Remodeling schedules a pre-build conference. This allows both Turning Point construction team and its subcontractors to meet our clients face-to-face, get on the same page, and establish firm start and completion dates. The pre-build conference provides you, the client, with the opportunity to make any special preferences known to us and our subcontractors, and assists you in becoming comfortable with the workers who will be present in your home during the course of construction.

Turning Point Project Management

At Turning Point, we’re excited about our new project management software, where each client has the option to be notified when particular milestones are achieved, is afforded the opportunity to efficiently track the progress of their remodel, and maintains access at all times during the course of their project to an easy-to-use means of communicating relevant information to us.  Our clients have made it clear that they greatly appreciate the ease with which they can voice any concerns they might have after a day’s work has been completed on the project, or simply reach out and communicate with the project team. In short, the pre-build conference, along with our project management software, is designed to help clients become familiar with what to expect when to expect it, and how to keep informed and in touch. 


After all the pre-project work is completed, Turning Point can get started on the most exciting part of the remodeling process—the actual construction. As mentioned above, our clients are welcome to ask questions and track our progress through the project management software. If any part of the project takes longer than planned, clients will be notified of this and be able to ask why.


After we are totally done with construction, we will schedule a walk-through with the client. At the walk-through, our clients are urged to be 100 percent honest and to ask any remaining questions, or voice any concerns, they might have. Turning Point Remodeling wants each and every one of its clients to be assured that it will make every reasonable effort to ensure their full and complete satisfaction.

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